Aquela Legend

High Throughput H2 Saturated Water Unit

Aquela Legend houses a proprietary electrolysis unit, which produces up to 600 litre/hour of H2 saturated water without affecting pH of source water. Indulge yourself in a H2 bath – it is the ultimate rejuvenation and healing experience, which has never existed before.

The efficacy of transcutaneous H2 infusion is recently been examined for the treatment of certain skin conditions as well as other disease models. With a minor adjustment, Aquela Legend can be turned into a whole-body H2 bathing unit suitable for medical and wellness centres.

  • Zhu, Q. et al., 2018. Positive effects of hydrogen-water bathing in patients of psoriasis and parapsoriasis enplaques. Scientific Reports, 8: 8051.

Veterinary Application

The therapeutic benefits of H2 have been reported for large animals. Specifically, H2 suppressed oxidative stress in thoroughbred horses after racing exercise. In this study, the biomarker of oxidative DNA damage – 8-OHdG – was significantly reduced amongst horses, which received the injection of H2 enriched saline water. This implies that H2 can alleviate oxidative stress induced muscular damage and the subsequent onset of chronic inflammation.

  • Yamasaki, M. et al., 2015. Intravenous infusion of H2-saline suppresses oxidative stress and elevates antioxidant potential in thoroughbred horses after racing exercise. Scientific Reports, 5: 15514.

A horse’s body is pushed to limit in horse racings. Over the past decade, customized Aquela Legend has been supplied to 43 stables in 73 locations in Japan. G1-winning thoroughbred horses from those stables include Vodka (6 wins), Laurel Guerreiro (2 wins), Victorie Pisa (3 wins), Rulership (1 win) and Verxina (2 wins).